Seriously though, I agree with you. I am not the cheapest photographer around and the reality is that I don't have any plans to be cheaper than I currently am.

The reason is simple, I am always competing on quality and never on price. The images that I delivered to my clients have increased their conversion rate to as high as 57%.

The bottom line is this: if you truly believe in your product 100%, then this investment is simply that—an investment—that will return you way more money that you've put in. But if you do have doubts that your product will be profitable, I wouldn't even invest $500 in pictures, I would reboot the project completely.

As an Amazon seller myself, I can't stress enough the importance of great pictures, pictures that would easily separate you from your competitors and bring you the revenue that you are hoping for.

If you have a product/or more to be photographed and you believe that I can help you, then shoot me an email over at or you can text me over to 916-833-6127 and allow me to help you make more money :)

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