Seriously though, I agree with you. I am not the cheapest photographer around and the reality is that I don't have any plans to be cheaper than I currently am.

The reason is simple, I am always competing on quality and never on price. The images that I delivered to my clients have increased their conversion rate to as high as 57%, not by 57% but to a conversion rate that was 57%.

Here are the two case scenarios for which you believe that my price is too high:

1. My price is over your budget
2. You've never worked with me before and you don't trust that my work will be as good as you are hoping for.

1. Would someone with a budget for a Toyota Corolla go to the Maserati dealership and tell them that their car is over their budget? Don't believe so... Also, would the client buy in the end a Corolla and expect to be as good as a Maserati? Again, I don't think so. Everyone know their budget. If they believe in something and they want it 100% then they will always find a way to raise their budget.

2. This is easily fixable :) I can jump on a Skype call with you for free (no order commitment required) so I can look at your product and tell you how I can help you and what pictures I can do for you based on your product.

The bottom line is this: you will always—and I mean ALWAYS—find money for anything if you find a good reason for. For me personally, the safety issue was what convinced me to buy my wife a car that was 40% above my budget. Because I would rather have my wife and 3 kids being safe than save 40% on a less safer car.

If you want to schedule a Skype call, my username is You can also contact me via text message or WhatsApp using 916-833-6127 or you can email me at Or you can fax me...wait, I don't do fax :P

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